About Piracy

Are you aware of an individual or a business that is selling, installing and/or using unlicensed or counterfeit copies of SEOSchool.co.in or Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd's products? You can help stop this illegal activity. Pease report this activity directly to SEOSchool.co.in at legals@SEOSchool.co.in

Learn More About Piracy

Knowing how to spot pirated products, and reporting suspected piracy activities when you encounter them, can have a positive impact on the fight against piracy.

What is considered piracy of our products ?

Piracy is the duplication, distribution or use of Training Tutorials in the form of video files without authorization from the Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd. It includes:
Making copies for, or loaning disks to, friends or associates.
Selling counterfeit or back-up copies online or elsewhere.
Installing one licensed copy onto multiple computers (where not allowed by license terms).

How might you identify a pirated product?

Products that were purchased from a source other than directly from SEOSchool.co.in or an authorized affiliate/reseller associate/retail Distributer associate for SEOSchool.co.in.

All products purchased directly from SEOSchool.co.in or an Authorized affiliate/reseller associate/retail Distributer should be considered authentic SEOSchool.co.in products. Products purchased from any other source, may be pirated material.

To verify a reseller is authorized to sell SEOSchool.co.in products, please contact legals@SEOSchool.co.in

Product sales without proper packaging

Authentic SEOSchool.co.in CD and DVDs sold by SEOSchool.co.in or Authorized affiliate/reseller associate/retail Distributer are always packaged in SEOSchool.co.in branded packaging, shrink wrapped and contain a factory seal. Any product you receive that is not in the original packaging, for example in a plastic jewel case or a envelope sleeve only should be considered pirated material.

Authentic SEOSchool.co.in CDs and DVDs are always manufactured using a printing process where the ink is screened directly onto the surface of the disc. SEOSchool.co.in does not use paper or plastic CD labels that merely stick to the top surface of the discs.

All authentic SEOSchool.co.in products include product documentation including a Quick Reference Guide located in the inside cover of the product case.

What should you do if you inadvertently purchase pirated material, or suspect someone is selling or distributing pirated SEOSchool.co.in material?

Report this information to SEOSchool.co.in at legals@SEOSchool.co.in

We will investigate this information and take action if appropriate.