Promoting the website with Facebook and Twitter

This courseware is about Social media marketing, itís not just about the basics and the fundamentals of promoting your website through social media but how to create the top level online presence. In this courseware we will show you many ways by which you can promote your website brand name, engaging your website users and also drive traffic to your website by using facebook and twitters micro blogging. These will also cover on how and which way you can create best and search engine friendly facebook pages and twitter bios. This will be an overall traffic increasing and reputation increasing course on how you can use the third party add ones for this. We will also cover some of the hidden secrets of the webmasters which are not available outside and the secrets which are never revealed by the webmasters who earn huge revenue through their websites. So letís get started

The topics inside will include some topics out of which some will become your favorites like, using twitter and facebook analytics to measure impacts, reducing your workload with social media management programs, understanding online marketing, how and why to keep business and personal accounts separate, how to use marketing funnel strategy, creating, a branded twitter page background, creating targeted facebook social ads, customizing facebook with iframes, using the latest facebook features for pages, optimizing tweets for viral spreading, etc.


Career Scope:

Social media Optimizer