Search Engine marketing SEM and SMO Social Media Optimization Fundamentals

This course is the introduction to everyone to the world of search engine marketing and social media marketing, or what we call in total as Online marketing, which is a little related to search engine promotion but in a little different way. The course takes a look at the basis of any online marketing effort business's web site and reviews how the different components of the site can support the business's goals, from SEO and SEM to social media, online PR, and content marketing.

This course will start with understanding the difference between SEO and SEM, then reviewing blogging and micro blogging like twitter, defining the target market, how to build a sitemap, looking at online advertising search, affiliates, emails, etc, setting goals and success tracking, working with web analytics software, how to plan a mobile website, Conducting SMO (social media marketing), email marketing, exploring content marketing, reviewing online public relations

Career Scope:

Job: Search Engine marketing Expert..