SEO getting started from basic to advanced

We will discuss about some important topics of keywords augmentation, the best keywords, how to research for keywords with search engine friendly website structure or architecture also we will explain your about social media networking strategies and how to measure the success of your Search engine optimization campaigning this Search Engine Optimization Getting Started, we explain your what is the importance of rankings of the website and for what reasons your should do search engine optimization for increasing traffic for your website.

This courseware will include topics like creating back links, setting up Google analytics accounts to track conversions, understanding how Google search engine works, adding keywords to your pages, url SEO, HTML markups, how to write webpage content on your keywords, How to do promotion of website on Social media like facebook or twitter without spamming, how to measure search engine traffic, etc.

After reading this content, you will become a master blaster in SEO, panda or penguin updates might not even be able to affect you. Happy Learning.

Career Scope:

Job: Search Engine Optimiser
Entrepreneur: you can start your own website, do the SEO, and start up your own revenue generating website, revenue can be from Google adsesne, Tyroo, Clickbank, etc.