Unleashing the Power of Google Analytics to bring a Traffic Flood

This course Starts from the most basic and ends up empowering you with vast knowledge to bring a killing traffic to your website. This course in actual shows you how to use the Google web analytics platform to generate and evaluate information about the visitors to your web site, including data on site traffic, user behavior, and to check the effectiveness of your marketing. It will also guide you how to generate and glen the insights from vast array of data available. This course not only explains about reporting fundamentals but also guides you from the beginning of account creation, the information given in this course is really priceless.

The Topics Covered will be Setting up an account, how to plan and configure targets and goals, how to analyses visitor and traffic source reports, tracking adwords and other marketing campaigns perform real time analysis, internal site report generation cleaning up data with inline filters, etc. how to include tracking code on a site, Selecting and comparing date ranges, Sharing data and reports

Career Scope:

Google analytics Expert