Website optimization Course for Google Search Engine

This course is not Search engine optimization, but website optimization which is done to increase traffic on your website, through some special tactics.

In this course we will explain your how you can use the free tool provided by Google in the most efficient way, this tool is known as Google website Optimizer, but only very few people are its experts we also use this tool for conversion optimization. This process of Conversion optimization is somewhat also known as landing page testing which actually is the process of experimenting with content and design alternatives, displaying them to visitors, and comparing the results, with the goal of improving site performance in regard to marketing, sales, or other conversion metrics.

The course will not only cover the best practices but it will include the lot of theory but yes that too in a video and animation format. We will also include a real-world implementation of a/b and multi-variety testing. Practical techniques for identifying areas for improvement, estimating sample size, choosing an experiment type, designing, launching, and validating an experiment, and analyzing Website Optimizer reports are included in this courseware. Enjoy learning.

The topics will include creating and running tests, reading and reporting, validating results and following up, how to integrate Google analytics, organizational conversion testing, conversion understanding and landing page testing, estimating and choosing experiment and testing, understanding the inner working of website optimizer software.

Career Scope:

If done with SEO + SEM & SMO Course, one can become an Senior Search engine optimizer.